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Networking & VoIP Services

Network Installation and Support

Wiring cabinetNetwork installation provides the tailor-made design, planning and installation of your physical network infrastructure.

We ensure that your network cabling is professionally installed and that all computer equipment is correctly connected and configured as per the agreed design.

In designing and installing your network, we work to achieve the following:

  • High Availability  – ensuring that the network is up and running at acceptable response times to cope with the day to day running of the business and also meeting the needs of staff both in and out of the office, allowing them to work with and access network resources wherever they may be.
  • Robustness – keeping infrastructure to the appropriate level of fault tolerance using best practice design principles such as clustering and distributed network design ensuring the network infrastructure will serve the business today and in the future.
  • Security – keeping the infrastructure open but with security as a major focus comprising system components that will protect against the major threats such as virus attacks, spy-ware, spam, hack attacks and any other identifiable security issues.
  • Flexibility – ensuring the infrastructure can accommodate and cope with the changing needs of the business, allowing for the infrastructure to be reconfigured or components added to permit the business to grow and develop freely.