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Backup & Disaster Recovery

On-Line Backup

hard-drive-95277Data backup is crucial to any business. Losing data costs millions of pounds each year in lost productivity and unnecessary technical support. Investing in a backup solution is pointless if you do not have regular access to it or if it cannot be restored immediately. How and where the data is kept is often a problem too.

By operating online, making backups is easy and very efficient.

  • Firstly, it is an automatic process, not requiring direct action by staff
  • Secondly, the recovery of the data can be done immediately and securely when required
  • Finally all data is encrypted and stored off-site


Simple – the software installation takes only a few minutes and you can begin using Online-Backup straight away

Automatic – the back up is processed automatically. It works independently of the end-user, avoiding the possibility of forgetting to backup or leaving the tapes in the office.

Restoring Data – files are restored in just a few mouse clicks.

Secure – your data is password protected and encrypted to prevent any unauthorised access. It stays encrypted even in the data centres and is only decrypted when it’s restored onto your computer

Fast & Efficient – backups have minimal effect on the user. Files which haven’t been modified will not be backed up, only the modified files are backed up.


  • Online Backup – any volume, any time.
  • All data is secure – password protected and encrypted
  • Recovery of data can be online, email or CD/DVD if necessary
  • Files can be shared with other users, subject to authorisation by yourselves
  • Stored data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, you just need and Internet connection.
  • Full web based reports are available